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  • Russian Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy. Частоти руской армии.

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    The HF radio presence of the Russian Ground Forces consists of many interconnected subnetworks, and it's not possible to cover them all adequately. The callsigns are made of either a word and 2 digits (in voice only), or a 4-character combination of letters and sometimes digits. A callsign may refer to either a single unit, or a group of units. It should be noted that whilst we at Priyom do our utmost to monitor and log HF transmissions, not every page will be 100% up to date at any given time. A lack of transmission logs does not necessarily equate to no activity from a particular frequency or station. Western Military District The Buzzer (4625 kHz) D marker (5292 kHz) T marker (4182 kHz) The Air Horn (4930 kHz) The Goose (4310/3243 kHz) The Alarm (4770 kHz) Katok-65 (4224/3218.5 kHz) Southern Military District The Pip (5448/3756 kHz) The Squeaky Wheel (5367/3363.5 kHz) Vega (5372 kHz) Baron-78 (4940/3850 kHz)

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    Перейти на сайт Russian Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy. Частоти руской армии.

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